Bangkok is an emerging market with great potential where Italian wine is increasingly becoming a status symbol. Everyone is seduced by Vignaioli Veneti’s wines for their extraordinary brands and the charm of tradition.

Known as ‘Krung Thep’ (the Thai translation for ‘City of angels’) or ‘the Venice of the East’ for its beauty and navigable canals, Bangkok is certainly one of the most fascinating Asian cities, which was named as the world’s best city in 2010.

Be Thrilled

Da Gianni

One of the most important fine dining Italian restaurants in Bangkok is certainly ‘Da Gianni’. Gianni Favro is the owner and the chef. He is an Italian man born in 1962 in Pordenone. His food can be combined with Vignaioli Veneti’s wines for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Our wine cellar is certainly unique. We are able to offer 250 labels of the most representative wines, all of which are imported directly from Italy. Not only do we ensure on having an extensive collection of the highest qualities of wine, but we also acknowledge and act upon the fact that they need to be kept and housed at exact and constant temperatures. – All the wines are stored in specialized refrigerators, as we strongly believe that wines should not be exposed to heat of any kind.

Be Inspired

Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn

Despite its name, visit it at sunset, when mosaics reflect sunlight like jewels, while tasting a glass of precious Vignaioli Veneti’s wine.

Wat Arun was built on the Wat Jang site, dating back to the seventeenth century. The ancient building was the royal residence and temple of King Taksin when Thonburi was the capital city of his kingdom. It was also the last house of the Emerald Buddha (made of jade rather than emerald) before King Rama I moved it to Wat Phra Kaeo. Visit its cusped pagodas, which are decorated with elegant multi-coloured porcelains reflecting sunlight at dawn and sunset. Surrounded by four pagodas, this temple is very interesting because of its towers adorned with wonderful polychromatic Chinese porcelain mosaics.

Be Amazed

Amulet market

Restore your strength with a glass of good Vignaioli Veneti’s wine and enter the Amulet market.

About a hundred metres from the landing stage behind the Royal Palace, you will find a stretch of road where you can buy amulets, coins, and miniatures. Thai people have a real passion for charms and magical, protective amulets, are very superstitious, and think these objects have beneficial powers.