Pure Energy

With an average annual growth rate of 5 percent and a per capita consumption of 2.1 litres (which has doubled in the last 10 years), Singapore is the Southeast Asian cosmopolitan metropolis where people love Italian wine more than anyone else. Vignaioli Veneti’s wines give off pure energy and their producers are always dynamic and on the move, looking for new markets and a stimulus to oenological research.

Named as the destination of the year 2015 by Lonely Planet, Singapore is the world’s second most competitive economy and aims to be the metropolis of tomorrow. It is a city where people ‘breathe’ clean, pure energy. Thanks to the Smart Nation Project launched last year, there are automated state-owned houses, driverless cars, and systems for energy saving. Singapore wants to be smart, but also green.

Be Thrilled

Pizzeria Mozza

Italian flavours are celebrated by the extraordinary pair Mario Batali & JoBastianich whose food is enhanced with Vignaioli Veneti’s wines.

Located in the Marina Bay Sands, a three-tower complex connected by a 340-meter boat-shaped SkyPark garden, Pizzeria Mozza is a burst of urban color and flavor. With a devout commitment to product, environment and hospitality, Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich meld their prodigious talents to bring Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza to the heart of Singapore. Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich are the distinctive forces behind an eclectic group of critically acclaimed, unanimously adored restaurants

Wines: Custoza “Ca’ del Magro,” Monte del Fra 2011 /“Ruberpan,” Pieropan

Be Inspired

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

It is the temple of contemporary art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Visit it and enjoy each work of art like a glass of excellent Veneto wine.

Like the region itself, contemporary art from Singapore and Southeast Asia is diverse, dynamic and multifaceted, possessing its own distinctive aesthetics and artistic traditions shaped by different approaches to art-making and practices. With this in mind, SAM has been building a stellar collection of contemporary Southeast Asian art. SAM’s acquisitions policy devotes 80% of funds to Southeast Asian art, and the remaining 20% to the wider Asian region, such as China, India, Korea and Japan to provide a broader cultural context for the core collection.

Be Amazed

Have a walk in the Gardens by the bay in Marina Bay, the most famous bay in Singapore. There you can see the 18 Supertrees, tree-like structures trapping sun energy, and the two world’s largest greenhouses. Have a break to ‘decant’ all this energy by tasting a glass of excellent Vignaioli Veneti’s wine.